Our Online French Baking Training

Baguette Academy offers online courses for professionals, allowing them to train in French Baking.
Distance training is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day and is also ideal for increasing your knowledge, whatever your level.

Our training now available !

Our courses soon available !

The pre-fermentation
The pre-fermentation
Deepen your knowledge about the different pre-fermentation techniques: sourdough, poolish, fermented dough. Give a new taste and a longer conservation to your products!
Soon available
Professional techniques
Professional techniques
Digitalised from the French programme for bakery and pastry professionals, those courses present the fabrication process, steps and recipes of several basic preparations.
Soon available
Merchandising Gold standards
Merchandising Gold standards
Thanks to this training, master bakery merchandising:
Showcase tips and advices for sales team will help you build a pleasant customers experience and thus, build your customer loyalty.
Soon available
What is Baguette Academy Online training ?

The professional training that we offer aims to allow bread-lovers to acquire the fundamental skills necessary to work in baking. Thanks to the support of experts from the trade, our teaching designers create complete courses, with an enjoyable learning structure combining learning with games, videos, animations and tests.
The courses are classed by themes so as to offer you flexibility in your learning programme. According to your level and your needs, you can choose the course or courses which interest you and personnalise your learning.

How does online learning work ?

The professional distance learning that we offer brings together the key subjects for the baking trade.
Once you have selected your courses, you can access them through your personal account on our training platform.
You can stop and then take up work again on a module according to your timetable, again and again and over several days. In this way, you can continue working professionally alongside, and learn at your own speed.

What are the advantages of Baguette Academy online training ?

The centre of what we do is transmitting and making accessible all French savoir-faire in Baking. Baguette Academy brings you the expertise of a training centre through digital technology with all its advantages :

  • Complete quality courses made with French Trade Professionals.
  • Maximum flexibility : you decide the courses, the times at which you learn, and how you access the courses (Computer, Smartphone or tablet).
  • Training at your own rythm, for your own aim and at your own level.
  • Enjoyable and lively training for better results and ease of learning
  •  A dedicated space on our platform to exchange with other learners and join the baking community.
  • Time gained, no need to go to school.
  • A training certificate at the end of the course, after a test of the knowledge you have acquired.
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