Practical on site training in French Baking

Bread-making requires, beyond theoretical knowledge, practical  savoir-faire. To accompany you while you acquire the technical know-how of a craft baker or to adapt recipes to your working environment, we  can offer you on site courses in your place to perfect your craft with a teacher.

On site training

What is on site training ?

As a complement to pour online courses, we offer you the chance to train or expand your abilities in Baking practice in your place, in your country. For this, you’ll be trained by a professional baker selected by us.
You will practice the movements and touch the dough as well as adapting the recipes that interest you to your own environment. We recommend limiting these course to twelve people and two products for the most effective on site training. Onsite training lasts between 3 and 8 days on average.

What are the advantages of on site training ?

On site training replies to a specific need defined by the client with Baguette Academy and leads to immediate benefits by:

  • Validating Training.
  • Improving and correcting movements.
  • Adjusting production diagrams and recipes.
  • Exchanging information with a professional (Baking Teacher, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Compagnon du Devoir, etc.)

At the end of training, your teacher will give you a report and web conferences are planned for follow-up.
A programme, goal, length and place are determined together with Baguette Academy for the training. If conditions in your place aren’t optimal for this training, we’ll look for a solution with partner training centres.

Cost of training with a baker teacher present:

On site training is billed in €/days, and its cost varies according to three elements :

  • The baker teacher you want : they have all been selected for their savoir-faire, but their seniority and diploma varies (CAP, Brevet de maitrise, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Competition Winners, etc.).
  • The length of training : decided beforehand with you, according to your goals.
  • Training location : the cost of travel as well as the accommodation of our teacher is paid by you and varies according to region.
On site training meets your particular objective.
Contact us to create your programme.
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