Practical training on site in French bakery

The making of bread requires, in addition to theoretical knowledge, practical know-how. To support you in acquiring the technical skills of an artisan baker or adapting recipes to your work environment, we suggest that you improve your skills with a trainer, at home.
On site training

What is on site training ?

We offer you the possibility of training yourself or your team as close as possible to your home: in your country, at your place of production, etc. For this, a professional trainer selected by us will supervise the training. You will be able to work on the gestures and touch of the dough, the recipes that interest you, and many other issues related to your activity. We recommend limiting on-site training to eight people with an average duration of 3 to 8 days. If the conditions are not optimal for carrying out this training at your location, we will look for a solution in a partner training centre.

What are the advantages of on site training ?

Face-to-face training responds to a specific need defined by the Baguette Academy client and allows immediate benefit by:

  • Customizing the training offer to your needs: for this, we determine together the objectives, a program, the duration and the place.
  • Deepening and correcting gestures or sales techniques
  • Adjusting recipes and manufacturing diagrams.
  • Solving problems on the production lines.
  • Reducing the travel time of the learner.
  • Discussing with a professional (Trainer Baker, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Compagnon du Devoir, Engineer, etc.).

At the end of the training, Baguette Academy provides you with a training report and web conferences are possible with the trainer to ensure follow-up.

How is on-site training carried out?

In order to allow quality learning, Baguette Academy has designed a 4-step course:
1. Analysis of your training needs and determination of the prerequisites, objectives, program, duration, terms and times of access between the sponsor, Baguette Academy and the trainer selected by Baguette Academy.
2. Proposal of a commercial offer and a tailor-made quote based on the analysis of your training needs.
3. Implementation of the training: dispatch of a professional trainer to your site. To validate what has been learned, perform knowledge tests before and after the practical training (success criterion: 80%).
4. Training debrief, sending a training report.

Are you disabled ? Contact our Handicap Referent via the email address and we will support you in your training process.

Cost of training with a baker teacher present:

Face-to-face training is billed in €/day, and its cost varies according to three factors :

  • The trainer you wish to receive: indeed, they have all been selected for their know-how, their diploma and their experience in Bakery, Viennese Pastry and Pastry.
  • The duration of the training: defined upstream with you, according to your objectives.
  • The place of training: the cost of travel as well as the accommodation of our trainer are at your expense and varies according to the geographical area.
On site training meets your particular objective.
Contact us to create your programme.
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