Analyse your results !

You have less than 6 correct answers: you are a beginner in baking.
This is an opportunity to learn the basics of sales that will be useful to you in your professional practice and in the development of your commercial fiber.
We recommend level 1 baguette training.

You have between 6 and 10 correct answers: you have an advanced level in baking.
You can go further with our online training, improve your techniques and remember some forgotten points.
We recommend level 1 and 2 baguette training. Once you have mastered the “Sales Techniques” training, consider deepening your knowledge of raw materials to be more comfortable with customers.

You have more than 10 correct answers: you master several elements in baking.
This is an opportunity for you to improve your skills with our online training, to refine certain techniques, to remember fundamentals that have been forgotten from time to time.
Take the opportunity to develop your knowledge of raw materials to better advise the customer.

Keep testing your knowledge!