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French Baking Training

For cook and pastry chiefs

Pastry Cooking and gastronomy needs ingredient mastery, techniques and recipes from the universe of gastronomy. As professionals in this domain, you can extend your knowledge of fermentation by mastering bread-making.

Why follow Baguette Academy Baking Training ?

Taking our training courses will allow you to extend your knowledge thanks to lessons created by French experts, so as to :

  • Set up a new range of products : Breads, Viennoiseries, Brioches.
  • Better control Pastry and Brioche production.
  • Diversify your professional competence in the making of French Breads

  • Better understand the utilisation of the ingredients and equipment needed for Baking.
  • Have the opportunity to exchange with Baking Teachers and other students through our forums.
  • Validate new knowledge by certification.