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Our French Baking training

for Craft Bakers

The baker’s trade means the mastery of movement – kneading and fashioning – but also up to date knowledge of products and materials, as well as of adapted equipment. In fact, it is above all a Craft, which means there is indispensable knowledge for the mastery of breadmaking techniques as well as a need for daily adaptation to the working environment.

How to train or perfect techniques for the trade of baker ?

Choosing Baguette Academy means the freedom to create a personal programme according to your training goal and your level :

Do you want to know everything about flour and wheat ?
Discover the secrets of yeast and master the technique of making bread ?

You just need to select the relevant courses for your learning from our catalogue where you can learn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, according to your timetable, while continuing your professional activity.

Do you want to valorize your capabilities through the acquisition of additional savoir-faire and a professional certificate ?
To be accompanied by an expert in recipe adaptation at your workplace ?

We’ll determine together the theme of your training in relation to your needs and put a professional at your service at your place or find a solution to group training with one of our partners