The Baguette  Academy Team

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The founder, Emmanuel Tertrais, has wide experience in the commerce of ingredients linked to Beer and Bread making, both in France and internationally. Led by his love for bread, he wanted to develop the exchange and transmission of French breadmaking savoir-faire. This is why he wanted to create an innovative approach – Baguette Academy, with its mission and values. He is helped by experts and an Academic Council .
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Baking and Industry Experts

We work closely with French Bakers with international experience as well as trade experts (Baking School Teachers, Agronomists, Millers, Yeast-makers, etc.) so as to offer quality content and answer the needs of international professionals.

Academic Council

Made up of French professionals recognised for their vision and international expertise (Researchers, Bakers, Teachers, etc.) this Council makes recommendations on teaching methods and new programmes (Themes, Content, Languages, Methods, Experts, etc.)

Digital Experts

We have selected consultants and digital businesses specialised in online training, teaching design, webmarketing and development in order to create the Baguette Academy solution using the best tools on the market. Our Digital Council ensures monitoring and constant innovation so as to offer the best learning technology.

A Team with Common Values

Ambition: To spread French Baking and its Industry around the world, Encouraging taking up the profession of baking.
Agility: Reactivity, Adaptability, and Innovation in Training Solutions.
Partnership:A community for exchanging and transmitting savoir-faire, led by a love of bread.
Ethics: Respecting a code of conduct, and elaborating clear missions for teachers and partners.
Excellence: Guaranteeing High Quality Training by the Elite of French Baking.
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