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[column md=”3″]
[column md=”9″]The idea of Baguette Academy was born through the love of Emmanuel Tertrais, the founder, for bread. This product for him is the source of sharing, and of sense-awakening pleasures : the sound of a crusty baguette breaking, the smell of good fresh bread just out of the oven, its very special taste, its range of colours and the need to feel it in your hands. It’s a synonym for culinary and gastronomic tradition, and it’s the perfect companion for every meal – a means of making each meal sublime



It was while travelling that Emmanuel saw the growing success of the baguette and French croissants. Professionals in the industry expressed an interest in rapidly acquiring knowledge about how crusty French bread was made, to complete the range of their abilities – without disturbing their professional activity.

 In 2010  during online training, Emmanuel discovered the advantages of e-learning. Since then, digital technology has rapidly developed, and has started to offer useful solutions for trades and craftsmen.

Baguette Academy, with its online courses, allows savoir-faire to be spread and exchanged beyond every border. Our goal is to make flexible, personalised and accessible training available to everyone, whatever the country or the specific need (perfecting breadmaking techniques, changing jobs to become a baker, etc.).
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