Baguette Academy’s committments to quality training

Offering quality baking training is important to us in line with our founding values :
Partnership, Excellence, and Ethics.
We want to create a relationship of trust with students who choose Baguette Academy for their training.

picto-made-in-franceBaking Training Made in France

Baguette Academy and its partners are French Breadmaking Businesses with a common aim : to transmit and diffuse expertise in French baking. Baguette Academy enjoys the support of French organisations and personalities from the world of baking (Bakers, Experts, the AIPF – International Association for French Bread, Passion Céréales) and economists dedicated to the development of French businesses (BPI Bank, EM Lyon, Réseau Entreprendre Rhône, Lyon Start Up, FoodTech) as well as French industrial bakers.

Training Certificationpicto-certificats-formation

Each course is made up of ‘Learning’ and ‘Validation’ stages. To obtain a bakery training certificate, simply download it at the end of the course after validating the final quiz (with 80% minimum success to obtain it). Test questions are defined by our group of experts who are members of our academic council. Question selection is randomized to guarantee exam quality. The number of tests possible is limited to motivate each candidate to follow the courses properly and to pay particular attention to the final test. It’s possible to either sit the test directly after finishing a course, or a few days later. A document attesting the follow-up of the training for each course can be provided on request.

picto-h24Training Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online training can be accessed at the time that suits you, according to your availability and in the way you choose  (computer, smartphone, or tablet). In our training space, you learn at your own rythmn : you can take a break during  a course, it will take back up at the point where you stopped. The course can’t be downloaded, but can be seen a number of times so a student can review notions if they want. Our solution works in IOS and Android. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

A team paying attention to Securitypicto-paiement

Special attention has been paid to our E-business site to make transactions with our international banking partner, Credit Agricole, secure. Regular updates are made. We follow French regulations for the management of personal data.
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